10 Week Advanced Intuitive Tarot Program - 2018

2018 & 2019 Version | taught by Sal Jade

Course description


The 10 Week Advanced Tarot Program is running LIVE in 2020! 

This year we will have: 

7 Live Group Coaching Calls* including an opportunity to share your existing website/marketing offers with Sal and get feedback 

Formal Certification

Opportunity to be featured on Sal Jade's website as a Certified reader


How to run an online business

Interpreting Symbology, mythology, colour, numerology, reversals and astrology in the tarot

How to combine Clairvoyant healings with Tarot readings

Advanced channelling techniques 

Tarot Worksheets and assignments to rapidly improve your tarot interpretations 

  • The exact powerful meditations I use in my 90 minute Clairvoyant Healing Sessions 
  • Unlimited email access to me 
  • Private Facebook Group for only this program

And hundreds of dollars worth of FREE psychic training bonuses. 

This content is drip fed every week and only taught on the Psychic Healing Academy! 

Limited numbers - last year we sold out- so if you would love to get involved sign up now. 

Price: $547 US EARLYBIRD - (paid by 19th April) 

Full price: $597 US

There are also payment plans available-: 

 4 monthly payment of $160 US. 

 You have 30 days to trial the program and if you are not getting the value you were promised there's a no question asked refund policy! 

Because I only want you to pay for it if you love it:) 

Email sal@saljade.com to be added to the waiting list- or to find out more!  

Or find out what others have loved about the program: 

The Advanced Tarot course really gave me the solid foundation I needed to succeed. And it was a huge confidence boost! I've started making money through my spiritual business and I really belief it's what you told me that you can't fake confidence and people really can tell. 

With every drop of love,

Michael Atwell, 2018 

Hi Sal, 

I would like to say a big thank you for this amazing 10 week course. It has been fabulous. Since the Tarot success course I have made a huge progress with my spiritual journey. My readings have got definitely more accurate.

I am so grateful that I have learnt so much from a brilliant teacher. 

I have found a suitable career path in tarot cads☺️

Big hug and love 

Kinga 2018 

I need to share that I'm so glad I found you Sal. So much of what you teach in the 10 week course (on intuitive healing, connection to higher realms, angelic connection, guides etc - that side of things) is very similar to what I've been intuitively doing on my own for a few years now in my work, but doubting - majorly doubting, because I have not had a mentor or teacher to guide me through this side of things as such. I have had moments of wondering whether I'm "making all this stuff up". Yet, I know it works as it is working for my clients, and for me. 

This course - the 10-week advanced course - has given me SO much validation that I'm on track, what I'm doing is not just in my head, haha,  and also provided a real structure, a framework. So many gaps have been filled and I've learnt so much more than I expected to - I had no idea how far beyond the tarot cards itself this course would go.

With love,

Jacqui Palazzo 2018 

The 10-Week Advanced course offers extensive information on how to connect with the higher self and the beautiful angelic realm.  I appreciated how Sal thought of intuitive card reading in a holistic way.  This course doesn’t just focus on the technical approach to card reading; she goes into the importance of healing oneself and recognizing boundaries, triggers, and other blocks when preparing to read for others professionally.  The healing meditations and techniques she teaches to help others, helped me as well.  As I went through the course, there were personal areas that I was able to address and heal, which, I believe, make me a more authentic person and reader.  Throughout the course, if I had any questions or needed feedback on one of the assignments, Sal always responded quickly and communicated clearly.  Sal’s course also thoroughly covers how to start one’s business and how to navigate the ins and outs of marketing on social media, which can be overwhelming.  I, who am not social media savvy, felt like I could start a business with heavy social media presence more easily after going through the business chapters of the course.  Not only is Sal a healer, she is a true teacher.  This course is an act of love, and it was a pleasure to learn with her.  She has a lifelong student with me!


Email sal@saljade.com to be added to the waiting list- or to find out more!  

Sal  Jade
Sal Jade
Bestselling Instructor

Welcome, I'm Sal Jade! 

I'm a Bestselling Psychic Healing Coach and I am so honoured to have you here! 

Have you always felt that you have intuitive gifts but struggle to access them? 

Have you been drawn to tarot cards and angel cards but feel overwhelmed when it comes to interpreting them or feeling confident enough to offer professional standard psychic readings and healings? 

Have you felt a calling to earn income helping others with your psychic and healing gifts but feel totally lost when it comes to starting and building a successful business or can’t figure out how to attract more clients to actually earn a comfortable income? 

Whether you are just getting curious about exploring the power of your psychic and healing gifts- or you're ready to earn a fabulous income as a professional, I am here to help you feel comfortable, confident and on the pathway to joy and success with your spiritual healing business. 

And I’ve got lots of ways to help you! 

I've helped thousands of psychic development students and healers tap into their intuitive magic and set up successful spiritual healing businesses and become Bestsellers on Udemy- and I can't wait to help you! 

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