How to Earn More Income from Your Tarot and Healing Services

Attract More Clients by Mastering Social Media, Branding and other Key Essentials to Succeed in Your Tarot and Healing Business | taught by Sal Jade

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Would you love to earn more income from your Tarot and Healing Services but struggle to attract enough clients to your business? 

Have you just started thinking about becoming a professional Tarot Reader, Psychic Reader and Wellness Practitioner, and want to know THE most powerful strategies to succeed and run a profitable business? 

Have you tried to make offers on social media to promote your Tarot and Healing Services but ended up frustrated and demoralised because no-0ne bought your services? 

Join Internationally acclaimed Clairvoyant Healer and Psychic Healing Coach,  Sal Jade in this unique program to discover how to run a profitable and successful Business selling your Psychic Readings and Healing Sessions. 

This program will help you: 

  • Master Social Media including Facebook and youtube so that your offers get noticed and purchased! 

  • Create a website that coverts viewers to clients 

  • Use Blogging for long-term success for your tarot and healing business
  • Set up a powerful Facebook Business Page that will expand your reach and give you more clients 
  • Use Key Essential planning tools to avoid overwhelm and wasting time and money in your business
  • Overcome mindset struggles when times are tough in your biz
  • Brand yourself in a heart-connected way to attract more clients 
  • Use Facebook Lives to attract more clients
  • Master Facebook Advertising and know when to use it for more income and when to avoid it 

And Much MORE! 

This course will give you everything you need to know to earn more income in your tarot and healing business. 

30 day no risk money back guarantee! 

If you puchase this course and it doesn't give you all the value I have promised you have 30 days to try it and if you are unsatisfied you'll recieve a no questions aksed refund. 

Because I only want you to pay for it if you love it and if it helps you in your tarot and healing business! 

So sign up today at this low introductory price ! 


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*This program is offered EXCLUSIVELY to the Psychic Healing Academy and will never be sold on any other school or platform. 

Sal  Jade
Sal Jade
Bestselling Instructor

Welcome, I'm Sal Jade! 

I'm a Bestselling Psychic Healing Coach and I am so honoured to have you here! 

Have you always felt that you have intuitive gifts but struggle to access them? 

Have you been drawn to tarot cards and angel cards but feel overwhelmed when it comes to interpreting them or feeling confident enough to offer professional standard psychic readings and healings? 

Have you felt a calling to earn income helping others with your psychic and healing gifts but feel totally lost when it comes to starting and building a successful business or can’t figure out how to attract more clients to actually earn a comfortable income? 

Whether you are just getting curious about exploring the power of your psychic and healing gifts- or you're ready to earn a fabulous income as a professional, I am here to help you feel comfortable, confident and on the pathway to joy and success with your spiritual healing business. 

And I’ve got lots of ways to help you! 

I've helped thousands of psychic development students and healers tap into their intuitive magic and set up successful spiritual healing businesses and become Bestsellers on Udemy- and I can't wait to help you! 

Course Curriculum

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