Intuitive Tarot: Advanced 8 Week Tarot Program

Master Advanced Tarot | taught by Sal Jade

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THIS 8 WEEK Program is now filled!

The next one will run in 2018.

Get Mentored by Bestselling Tarot Instructor Sal Jade!

Would you love to discover how to give the most powerful and accurate Tarot Readings?

Do you want to earn income as a Tarot reader and do online readings with Skype, Phone and Email but have been struggling to get started?

Would you love to offer tarot readings that are insightful, and empower your clients to dramatically heal and improve their lives?

Have you tried to learn Tarot before but still don't feel confident enough to charge for professional Tarot readings?

Starts 27th June, 2017

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Join Sal Jade for Intuitive Tarot: Advanced 8 Week Tarot Program and become a powerful and sought after Tarot Reader.

Over the 8 Weeks you will discover how:

  1. To offer powerful online, phone and email readings,
  2. How to use Symbology to rapidly improve your unique understanding and connection with the Tarot
  3. How to be a 'Tarot Healer,' and offer powerful Clairvoyant and Psychic Healing Sessions with the Tarot
  4. How to use Advanced Channelling Techniques to connect with your guides and angels and discover powerful psychic messages within your Tarot Readings
  5. How numerology in the Tarot can give you more effective Tarot readings
  6. How to use Oracle cards in combination with Tarot Cards
  7. How to be an Intuitive tarot reader, instead of a reader that just rote learns the card meanings.
  8. How to run a Tarot Business

You also get 5 Live Group Coaching Calls- offered in 2 different time zones!

Live Coaching Calls are Your Chance to practice your tarot readings live with other students, with Sal coaching you through your readings.

Your Live Coaching Sessions will also offer dozens of extra tips and technique that Sal has been teaching in her live Tarot workshops for the past 8 years, that are EXCLUSIVE to her Advanced Tarot Programs.

Also you will receive hundreds of dollars in bonuses when you sign up for this 8 week program including guided meditations, PDFs, Angel E-Courses and much more!

Exclusive Advanced Tarot Facebook page- so you can connect with other students - Sal will be in here every day helping you wiht your questions and your practice.

Still not sure?

Read this testimonials from students who completed this program early 2017.

"Sal’s course has been the single best investment for my spirituality. Sal is so warm, welcoming, and funny, and the other students were equally kind and patient with me (a complete beginner). I’m rather shy, so I wasn’t sure I’d participate in the coaching calls, but they turned out to be the best part of the course.

Sal was very accommodating and did her absolute best to ensure everyone got to participate – no easy thing with students from all over the globe! I learned so much, gained loads of confidence, and realised I’m more intuitive than I thought.

The meditations, too, are priceless, and helped me to discover and begin to remove some blockages. Anyone can pick up a book and learn the meanings of the cards by rote, but in order to delve deeply and give profound readings, you need the opportunity to practise and receive guidance simultaneously. This course delivered all that was promised and more."

Michelle, May, 2017

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough - well and truly worth every dollar. You just keep learning and learning.

I have gained so much from the live coaching sessions and the lectures. Sal is a natural teacher and the course is structured brilliantly. Thank you Sal!"

Margery, May, 2017


To do the advanced level it is helpful to either have:

Completed Sal Jade's Bestselling Tarot Card Success Course

Or - had some prior study of the Tarot.

If you're not sure- please email Sal on and she can help you determine if you can take the advanced level.

So sign up today and Join Sal for this powerful Advanced Tarot course;

Sal  Jade
Sal Jade
Bestselling Instructor

Welcome, I'm Sal Jade! 

I'm a Bestselling Psychic Healing Coach and I am so honoured to have you here! 

Have you always felt that you have intuitive gifts but struggle to access them? 

Have you been drawn to tarot cards and angel cards but feel overwhelmed when it comes to interpreting them or feeling confident enough to offer professional standard psychic readings and healings? 

Have you felt a calling to earn income helping others with your psychic and healing gifts but feel totally lost when it comes to starting and building a successful business or can’t figure out how to attract more clients to actually earn a comfortable income? 

Whether you are just getting curious about exploring the power of your psychic and healing gifts- or you're ready to earn a fabulous income as a professional, I am here to help you feel comfortable, confident and on the pathway to joy and success with your spiritual healing business. 

And I’ve got lots of ways to help you! 

I've helped thousands of psychic development students and healers tap into their intuitive magic and set up successful spiritual healing businesses and become Bestsellers on Udemy- and I can't wait to help you! 

Course Curriculum

Week 4: Mastering Numerology, Colour and Mythology in the Tarot to improve your readings