Remove Blocks to Your Psychic Ability with Past-Life Therapy

Unlock Your Powerful Healing Abilities and Psychic Powers with Past Life Regression | taught by Sal Jade

Course description

Are you a healer or a psychic who feels constantly blocked when you try to access your gifts?

Would you love to feel more confident using your psychic and healing gifts?

Are you earning income as a psychic or healer but experience constant challenges with your finances and advancing your business?

By taking this course you can Reclaim your healing abilities and psychic gifts using Past Life Therapy.

Discover which lifetimes have caused you to experience serious blockages in your Soul Journey and easily heal these lifetimes and release all blockages to your intuitive and healing powers with this gentle and powerful past life therapy.

Through accessing the Akashic records with this powerful past-life therapy you can release all vows, karmic contracts and bindings to free yourself from all past-life trauma and reclaim your ancient healing and intuitive gifts to make your world and the entire world a better place.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to use their intuition to heal their own lives or to help others but feels nervous, afraid or blocked about tapping into their psychic and healing powers.

This course will also benefit tarot card readers, astrologers, palm readers, Reiki practitioners, Angel Intuitives, massage therapists or anyone who wishes to earn income being healer or psychic but experiences constant interference, blockages or anxiety.

What Students are Saying about Remove Blocks to Your Psychic Power with Past Life Therapy:

"I love this course. The first time I just enjoyed listening to it and it was wonderful. I felt like I was talking to a friend and at the same time taking in so much information. Sal has a great ability to communicate large amounts of information in a relaxed, fun and clear way. The second time around I studied it, took notes and learned the material. It inspired me greatly as I advanced with my own past life regressions. Now I've been doing past life therapies to my clients and I am very content because they always experience life changing regressions. So thank you very much Sal Jade for sharing this amazing course!"

Michelle, June, 2016

Sal does a great job explaining at length all of the key terms and process of Past Life regression. Her cheery demeanor and and passion really make the course! I was quite fearful of PLR before this but Sal made it all make a lot of sense and really eases you into the situation armed with all of the proper knowledge and tools to make powerful and necessary shifts both in past lives and in your current lifetime. I will be using this course for further PLR's and recommending it to friends!

Allison January 2016

So come and join me on this magical adventure to access your past lives and heal your soul journey and rapidly improve your psychic powers and healing abilities by enrolling today.

Updated August 2016

Sal  Jade
Sal Jade
Bestselling Instructor

Bestselling Psychic Coach Sal Jade loves to help her students grow their angel wings and soar with her Psychic and Healing Training Courses.

She has been teaching workshops and online courses for over 8 years on angel therapy, tarot card readings, building a spiritual healing business and energy healing.

Sal is a qualified Theta Healing Instructor and Practitioner, A graduate of Doreen Virtue's Angel Intuitive program and a Liquid Crystal Practitioner.

She has had over 8000 students enrolled in her courses since 2010.