Tarot Card Success - Read Tarot Cards Like an Expert

Master Your Psychic Ability and Learn How to Give Accurate Tarot Card Readings Just Like a Professional | taught by Sal Jade

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Course description

Would you love to discover how to read Tarot like a professional Tarot Reader? 

This course gives you everything you need to become an expert in Tarot Readings. 

Over 3000 Students Enrolled! 

With over 9.5 hours of professional content by the end of Tarot Card Success you will know how to: 

  • Give accurate and insightful Tarot card readings
  • Be confident in interpreting the Tarot card meanings for all 78 Tarot cards including the Major and Minor Arcana

  • Feel confident offer tarot card readings for General, Business and Relationship readings- interpreting the cards for different types of readings
  • Use Astrology to enhance your understanding of the Tarot
  • Use different spreads for different purposes including : The Celtic Cross, The 7 Card Spread, Multiple Choice Spreads, 3 Card Basic Spreads and 1 Card Readings
  • Use Psychic Protection during Tarot readings
  • Understand the Ethics behind Tarot Reading
  • Read Tarot at a Professional Standard. 

You will have full access to private Facebook page Tarot Mastery where you can build up your confidence with hundreds of other students from the course 

What Students are Saying About Tarot Card Success:

"I'm not done yet only 57% through but this has been the best course I've purchased to learn tarot cards Sal Jade is a wonderful teacher and guides you through this course with easy to relate to meanings and the freedom to use what you feel. I will be purchasing more of her courses. Thank you!

Kerry McCarthy, July 2016

"I really enjoyed the tarot class . Sal Jade is an excellent instructor. She takes her time and explains things very well. I always wanted to learn how to read tarot cards but found them very intimidating. 

Sal Jade's explanation of each and every card was amazing. If you take this class, be sure to have a notebook! 

Florence, May, 2016

"Oh my goodness... This has got to be the best training I've ever taken... Very detailed, thorough and as a beginner... Wow.. I've learned so much and can I just say... Sal you did amazing... great examples... I remembered so many key points.. 

Thank you Sal... a definite buy if you are interested in the Tarot"

Linda Butler February, 2016


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Sal  Jade
Sal Jade
Bestselling Instructor

Welcome, I'm Sal Jade! 

I'm a Bestselling Psychic Healing Coach and I am so honoured to have you here! 

Have you always felt that you have intuitive gifts but struggle to access them? 

Have you been drawn to tarot cards and angel cards but feel overwhelmed when it comes to interpreting them or feeling confident enough to offer professional standard psychic readings and healings? 

Have you felt a calling to earn income helping others with your psychic and healing gifts but feel totally lost when it comes to starting and building a successful business or can’t figure out how to attract more clients to actually earn a comfortable income? 

Whether you are just getting curious about exploring the power of your psychic and healing gifts- or you're ready to earn a fabulous income as a professional, I am here to help you feel comfortable, confident and on the pathway to joy and success with your spiritual healing business. 

And I’ve got lots of ways to help you! 

I've helped thousands of psychic development students and healers tap into their intuitive magic and set up successful spiritual healing businesses and become Bestsellers on Udemy- and I can't wait to help you! 

Email: sal@saljade.com

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Interested in this course? Email us at sal@saljade.com